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The Olive Centre is proud to provide backup for every Olive oil processing machine sold in Australia.

We employ technicians from Australia and overseas for experenced and professional service onsite at your property.

We specialise in the Oliomio and Barigelli brands, if your oil production machine is of a different brand we may still be able to help, please contact us to find out details.

Contact us If you have...

Just bought a second hand olive oil machine and need it serviced or repaired.

- Give your new olive oil machine the best start by ensuring it is performing at its best.
Just obtained an olive oil machine with no idea how to process olives into oil?

- Our technicians can guide you in running, maintaining and making the most out of your olive oil machine.
an olive oil machine that needs servicing before the next season

- Routine maintenance is important, if you are not comfortable performing maintenance tasks yourself, or your machine is still within the warranty period you may prefer that a technician performs these services for you.
an olive oil machine that is not running correctly or has broken down.

- The Olive Centre can supply parts and an experienced technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

Worried about price?

To minimise costs, The Olive centre aims where possible to consolidate technical visits, where applicable travel expenses can be shared between participating customers. Our technicians are always busy during harvest season so we recommend booking early.