Stainless Steel Olive Oil Tanks

Our European Stainless Steel Olive Oil Tanks are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards. The special butt-welding and large lid makes cleaning easier and avoids any accumulation of organic residue or potential carriers of bacteria. The material used is stainless steel, 18/10- Aisi 304 or 316 with the ½ inch (12,7 mm) drip proof tap (faucet) setup. 

Stainless steel olive oil containers are perfect for your kitchen, tasting room or restaurant. They are convenient and hygienic, perfect for transportation of small amounts of oil. Suitable for a wide range of product storage including olive oil, water, milk, honey (with honeygate tap), spirits, cosmetic products and other oils. 

These small containers with a tap and stable base are also known as ‘fusti’. Store small amounts of oil away from light. Air is also fully excluded when you fill the containers. Also you can easily decant small amounts for bottling or immediate use.

Features: Quality Stainless Steel  -  Screw Top Lid  -  Turn Pourer Tap