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Welcome to The Olive Centre

The Olive Centre is a team of dedicated and helpful olive specialists who provide you with the right equipment, machinery and advice to get the most out of your grove.
We supply thousands of products which have been thoroughly tested with olives. All the stock comes from reputable, proven brands and is your first choice of premium olive equipment and machinery. The Olive Centre works closely with peak bodies, researchers and growers and proudly sponsors award and industry initiations to enhance industry growth. The Olive Centre is your first choice whether you are looking to start an olive grove, expand, maintain or buy new equipment. We provide numerous services on how to care, harvest and enhance the quality of your olives. 

Benefits of Working with The Olive Centre
Working with The Olive Centre comes with many benefits including; Free industry updates and news for Growers, latest olive equipment and products, competitive pricing and 24/7 online, secure web ordering. Our world-class consulting and technical machinery services continue to support thousands of growers throughout Australia, New Zealand and other olive producing companies. See our range or order online now at The Olive Centre | Olive Machine Specialist | Orchard Equipment

The Olive Centre is not just about equipment & machinery supply but is here to backup growers through technical advice and many free services that growers & processors rely upon in the areas of grove consulting & technical services.
Grove Consulting 
We provide professional consulting services including soil and leaf analysis and in-grove consultation. Different levels of consultation and group or regional advice are tailored to your specific needs. Through in-grove consulting services, a group of owners have reported a 30 percent increase in production. 

Technical Services & Machinery 
The Olive Centre provides a range of technical service support and have recently expanded our technical team for industrial machinery maintenance and operation. Our new industrial machinery technician - Riccardo Buffatello is a professionally qualified and experienced Industrial Machinery Technician & Operator for Olive Oil Production Machinery, Bottling Machinery, Pruning, Spraying and other plant care maintenance equipment. He can also assist with machinery operation if you need an extra hand during the harvest or at any other time of year. 
Articles & Other Information 

The Olive Centre Blog is the official blog for The Olive Centre. The blog was formed to house technical and reference articles to share our knowledge, free to Olive Growers, Olive Producers, Olive Oil Processors and table Olive Processors. The blog covers numerous different topics covering a diverse range of aspects of the olive growing and producing industry. 
Social Media 
Be sure to check out our social media and online resources for the most recent updates and more information on The Olive Centre. For more Research, Statistics and Information about the Olive Industry, head over to our website. Australian Olive Industry - Research, Statistics & Information

The Olive Centre… “Helping you to achieve the maximum from your grove.”