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Commercial Sprayers

Martignani can be introduced as a result of the short story of a long passion, dedicated to the development of a cutting-edge technique for a more efficient, cost-effective and more environmentally sustainable protection of plants, while respecting the health of agricultural workers and agricultural food products consumers

After more than 50 years, the Martignani Electrostatic Mist-Blower Spray Systems has been established in the best Italian fruit companies & wineries all over the world in over 70 countries.  Thanks to their particular efficacy in treatments with mixtures concentrated up to 10 times, with savings up to 90% of water, 60-70% of time-labor, 30% of chemical, without no dripping on the ground, without electrostatic charge, but up to 50% with the electrostatic turned on, also thanks to the consequent reduction of drift losses into the air