Volpi Compression Sprayer 2L

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Volpitech 2 compression sprayer with polyethylene tank of 2lts, with adjustable PP orientable nozzle, discharge valve, viton gasket. 

- Total tank capacity 2 lt
- HD Polyethylene tank
- Ergonomic handle
- Adjustable polypropylene nozzle can be aimed in any direction
- Net weight 0.5 kg approx
- Also suitable for veterinary disinfection
- Operating capacity 1.8 lt
- Pressure 2 bar
- Special FPM gaskets
- Pressure discharge valve
- Suitable for spraying aggressive products

To spray the aggressive solutions Volpi sales an industrial sprayer with FPM oring called VT2. The compression sprayer Volpitech 2 is equipped with a tank of 2 liters, a maximum pressure of 2 bar, and the spray nozzle is adjustable polypropylene. It designed for alternative uses, especially for industrial use. It can spray fertilizers, pesticides, cleaners, primers, varnishes, polishes, etc. thanks to FPM oring, specific for those products that would be aggressive. The Volpitech 2 has a pressure discharge valve and adjustable polypropylene nozzle. The total net weight is 0,5 kg.