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Tree Guard Sticky Barrier - 500gram Tub - Go Natural

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Tree Guard Sticky Barrier - 500gram tub
Non-toxic, non-drying adhesive used as a barrier to trap crawling insects including codling moth, elm leaf beetles, weevils, ants, snails and more.

Tree Guard Organic Sticky Barrier is a non-toxic and organic adhesive designed to serve as a protective barrier against crawling pests. This ready-to-use solution is both waterproof and weatherproof, providing effective and environmentally friendly organic protection for trees.

Ideal for safeguarding tree trunks, our sticky barrier prevents infestations from pests such as codling moths, elm leaf beetles, weevils, caterpillars, ants, cherry and pear slugs, and earwigs. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and pesticides – our innovative solution instantly traps crawling insects, ensuring year-round tree protection.

Each 500gm tub comes in a re-sealable package for convenience.

Application is simple: wrap masking tape or packing tape around the tree trunk, positioned 30-50cm above ground level. Use a spatula to apply a thin layer (approximately 2mm) of Tree Guard over the entire tape. The tape acts as an easy removal method once filled with insects, allowing for quick disposal.

Easy directions to achieve optimal results: replace the tape and repeat the process as needed. One 500gm tub provides coverage for approximately 12 tree trunks with a diameter of about 30cm.

Choose Tree Guard for a natural, efficient, and pesticide-free solution to protect your trees throughout the year.

** Delivery not included **
** Replaces Stickem and Tacgel