Olive Oil Gravity Filtering Bags

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These Gravity Filtering Bags are a cost effective and easy way of filtering smaller volumes of oil.

How to use:  Suspend the filter bag above your oil container.  Pour oil into filter bag.  Wait for oil to pass through filter bag.

Filter bags are available in different microns as the type that you should use is dependent on the sediment in suspension of your oil. The smaller the micron, the finer the filter. Some customers filter their oil through a larger micron filter bag, before using a smaller micron for finer filtration. 

A metal ring sewn into the bag holds the opening rigid to make suspension and pouring easy.

How long does it take to filter olive oil through gravity filter bags? How many bags will I need?

These questions are difficult to answer, they depend on oil viscosity which is affected by temperature, as well as oil clarity (how much sediment is in the oil, plus particle size) and the micron to which you are filtering. The cleaner the oil is to start with, the quicker it will flow through.

For health and hygiene purposes, it is recommended to use each bag only once.

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