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Agrobest SprayTech Oil as a Surfactant BFA organic certified

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Spraytech Oil is a superior vegetable oil base adjuvant with a unique blend of emulsifiers that have the ability to encapsulate if required. Combining the benefits of emulsifiable vegetable oil and non-ionic surfactants, Spraytech Oil significantly improves the performance of most pesticides. Spraytech Oil is an organic product and far less phytotoxic than mineral oil based products. When premixed with herbicides, insecticides or fungicides, Spraytech Oil envelops each chemical molecule, protecting it from breakdown in the spray vat and out in the field after application. This encapsulation will increase spray efficacy whilst reducing loss and odour. Other benefits include buffering the effect of poor quality water, facilitating tank mixing of incompatible products and a marked improvement in rainfastness. By delivering a more uniform spray pattern, with fine droplets kept to a minimum and deposition onto the target increased, results have shown a marked reduction in both drift and off target damage. Increasing spraying efficacy will reduce off target spray pollution in the environment. Spraytech Oil is a BFA registered input.

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