Slammertool 6kg

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The Slammer stands as a heavy-duty, commercial-grade multipurpose tool, merging the functionalities of a crowbar, axe, spade, and mattock/grubber into a single, versatile tool. Comprising two components, this tool which functions on the inner bar's downward force to forcefully propel its cutting blade through demanding terrain, including dense soils, well-established plant root systems, and tough materials like concrete and rock. The high-impact blade boasts sharp edges on all sides, ensuring effectiveness across various tasks. Moreover, the blade's tapered top facilitates easy extraction after it has been deeply driven into the ground.

You have the option to choose between two sizes: the standard 9kg version or the lighter 6kg variant. Please indicate your preferred version when making your selection.

** Includes delivery to nearest depot or other preferred location inside delivery network of Star Track Express.