SIEM Automatic Labelling and Capping Machine

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Automatic rotary 4-heads labelling machine suitable to handle cylindrical / shaped containers in glass and apply ,by SELF-ADHESIVE systems, the following labels : 
  • 9 a Body Label. 
  • 9 A Back label 
Production required: 1,200 BPH on a cylindrical bottle format with mechanical centring of the bottom notch. Complete of one set of stars and feed-screw, electric box ( with electric power 3 phase ; 230 / 400 Volts ; 50 Hz and low voltage on control panel board 24v ) and all necessary parts, projected and built in accordance with the latest EEC regulation.Siem auto labeller comp.jpg

  • Supporting structure or machine table, made out of sturdy metallic structure in electrically welded steel, grinded surface and also completely coated by sheet in GLAZED stainless steel AISI 304 with lateral access doors for maintenance. 
  • Total safety guarding as per EC standard rules in one only stainless steel structure incorporated together with the machine table and with its access doors for the maintenance in plexiglass controlled by micro-switches for security. 
  • Machine complete with passing conveyor belt boxed structure with standard length of mm. 2500 without motorization. 
  • Manual speed variation by inverter a spar bottles flow. 
  • Introduction worm-screw, in-feed / out-feed star-wheel protected by safety micro-switches which stop the machine in case of container jam-up. 
  • In-feed locking lever with automatic devices of too empty at the in-feed and too full at the out-feed with machine stop in case of containers jam-up. 
  • Label wiping by means of nylon brushes or rollers in silicon rubber fitted on a support for fast uncoupling with other wiping for supplementary formats. 
  • Lower mid carousel with container-holding and bottom self-centring platforms made out of steel and ant-slipping rubber for easy substitution and driven by programmed cam and tooth sectors with lubrication by grease. 
  • Upper mid carousel with cap push jacks in reloaded nylon with same self-centring shaped as the container cap, driven by programmed cam and container height compensation ± 10 mm. 
  • Manual adjustment of the height of the jacks-carrying upper carrousel by hand-wheel on the top. 
  • Principal controls panel board complete with jogger for format change-over operations and light indicator for the main failures. 
  • No. 2 Table support for the self-adhesive station with adjustment slide on two axles with numerical visualizes 
  • No. 2 Self-adhesive labelling station placed on articulated slide for vertical adjustment depending on the label application height and for horizontal adjustment depending on the container diameter to be handled with mill-metric position indicators for the format position detection : 
    • Paper transfer with step motor for paper out-feed and empty film recovery 
    • Self-adhesive labelling station speed variation automatically synchronized with the machine 
    • Photocell for paper stop automatic self-regulation for the read-out of the different label colours 
    • Photocell of presence of the container 
    • Controls panel board fitted on the head 
    • Adjustable articulated labels-detacher 
    • Max. height of the paper passage 200 mm 
    • Max. speed of the output of the paper: 32 Mt. per minute
    • Max. roller outer diameter 300 mm 
  • Machine provided with equipment to handle No. 1 bottle size made out of in-feed screw, in and out-feed star wheel and mid counter star wheel.
SIEM bott machine 2 comp.jpg
  • Conveyor Best complete with chain and motorisation 2m Out of Labeller
  • Collecting Table in S/S AISI 304, with dimensions 2.000 x 500mm complete of motorisation and speed regulation by mechanical reducer.

N. 01 Thermo Transfer coding unit Model DX with printing area 28 x H. 18 mm on 3 horizontal lines 

  1. Set of stars and screw feed (for different sized bottles)
  2. Mobile Nozzle (for rinsing from inside the bottle)
  3. De-aeration turret or Gas injection Turret (between rinser and filler and /or between filler and capper on the in-feed screw) 
  4. Nitrogen Gas Tunnel (In-feed screw between filler and capper)
  5. Gas Injection (Nitrogen gas injection before capping)
  6. Caps elevator (in S/S AISI 304 with 200Lt Hopper)
An Automatic Bottling machine can be placed before this Capping & Labelling unit by Siem.