Vinetech Bird Scare Gun- Mobile Model

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Scaregun - Mobile model
Includes frame and firing button.
Delivery charges apply.
(Quad bike depicted in photo is not included)

Electronic Control
The Vinetech unit is under full electronic control, powered by two 6 volt batteries enclosed in the weather-proof electronics box.
The elimination of moving parts has resulted in a low maintenance control unit.
The unit operates only during the hours when the birds are active

Variable random firing
To prevent birds becoming accustomed to regular timed shots, the Vinetech fires groups of shots at random intervals, and can be adjusted to fire from 4 to 70 shots per hour. Groups of shots can 1, 2 3 or random mixture of the same.

Programmable timer
Te Vinetech is available with or without the timer. The unit without the timer is controlled by a light sensor.

Greater Sound distribution
The vinetech gun is mounted on a 2m high tripod and turns with each shot to fire over a 360 degree arc so the noise distribution is maximised.

Integrated design
The Vinetech gun is designed for use with a 9Kg gas bottle, suspended from the centre of the tripod which stabilizes the whole unit. The new tripod is fold-able and does not have to be removed for easy relocation. The legs are adjustable for height.

Local council compliant
Because of the large selection of shot options available and the adjustable gas regulator, shots per hour and decibel levels can be selected to comply with most council directives.

As each gun is individually hand made, powder coated and tested for eight hours prior to packing, we enjoy a good reputation for reliability. The same electronics and design are used in hte guns we manufacture for long line tuna fishing boats, these are permanently mounted on the superstructure of boats and are constantly exposed to salt water and extreme weather conditions. They still perform reliably with little maintenance.