B02 Polaris Automated Olive Oil Bottling Line for Glass Bottles, PET & Metal Cans - 100mL - 5L

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Polaris B02 2
Polaris Automated Olive Oil Bottling Line MOD B02 for Glass Bottles, PET & Metal Cans

You can fill from 100mL to 5L!

Polaris Automazioni presents a new generation filling machine which is flexible to the format of the packaging to be filled and allowing the use of PET and Glass bottles of any shape as well as cylindrical, square and rectangular cans.

Polaris B02 1

Throughout the Polaris Lines the switching from one bottle format to another is simple and rapid adjustment, without changing machine parts!

The nominal rate of production is 500 PH (bottle or pieces per hour for 750mL packaging with stable base).

The standard line processes bottles from 100mL to 2L whilst the Large format line can fill up to 5L.

Changeover takes 15/20 minutes depending on the line.

Polaris B02 3

Polaris Automazioni B02 featuring:

Polaris B02 7 featuring

Download Brochure:   POLARIS AUTOMAZIONI B02 Brochure

Here is a video of the B3 - B6 machines which are larger but you can see the adjustment for the bottle or container sizing when passing through the line:

The BO2 line is the most interchangeable and compact linear bottling machine in the range.

This line is only used for filling oil. Standard size  -
  • Filler composed by 2 nozzles
  • Production: 500 bph.
  • Possibility of blowing, filling, capping, labelling different types of format (glass bottles, PET, cans) from 50/100 ml up to 5 litres without additional equipment.
  • Plastic chain
  • Not possible to add neck label on this line
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