Polaris Automated Olive Oil Bottling Line Mod B3 for Glass Bottles, PET & Metal Cans - 100mL - 2L

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The B3 Polaris Automazioni bottling line is suitable to process edible oils, mineral oils, spirits, balsamic and traditional vinegar.

The B3 line unlike the BO2 monobloc does not have the possibility of filling large formats. The functions are blow, fill, cap, and label from 100 ml up to 2 litres.

You are able to customise the line as desired and it does not have a standard length like the BO2 line. The possibility of also adding a neck label and placing a manual space before the capper to put the caps on the bottles by hand.  This is in case you want to try out new bottles and new types of cork to see if they will fit, or if you make small bottles runs and do not want to buy an additional hopper.

The line is compatible upon request for oil, vinegar, still wine and spirits.


  • Filler composed by 5 Nozzles.
  • Production: 500 bph.
  • Glass and plastic bottles from 100 ml up to 2 litres
  • Possibility of putting on an orientation (+ steel chain)

With a productivity of up to 500 bottles per hour, is the smallest line of Polaris range but remains faithful at our concept: easy and quickly change over format and total absence of stars, screws and wheels
This particular characteristic permits saving of:
  • Time: change over format in three quick operations
  • Money: do not need supplementary equipment
  • Space: is not required additional storehouse for equipment
Number of nozzles 5
Nominal production rate 500 bottles/hour
Bottle diameter/width (min/max) 40 mm / 108 mm
Bottle height (min/max) 140 mm / 380 mm
Suitable labels roll of self adhesive (width min/max, height min/max) 125 mm / 200 mm
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