High pH Liquid Cal-Flocculant by Organica

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Organica High pH Liquid Cal-Flok


800grams per litre  w/v as Micro-Fine pH Elevated Calcium Liquid Suspension.


Avail Calcium



Ferric Oxide



Particle Size

as Ca 90%






>40 micron



  • Organic Certified, Technical grade product  suitable for flocculation of clay, calcined dirty water storage areas.
  • A quick acting, affordable liquid  treatment for suspended solids in-contaminated  water storage areas.
  • Suitable for application by Boom Spray, Aircraft application.
  • 50 litres Cal-Floc in 50 litres (1:1) water per 1000 sqm water surface area.
  • More cost efficient and safer application than powders and dusts.
  • Ideal when a rapid water biology safe flocculant  is required.
  • Cal-Floc  will not contaminate treated area after application.

Micro fine particle size allows Cal-Floc to penetrate the water profile and increase clarity .  Ideal for low environment impact situations.


  •  A genuine flow-able liquid. Cal-Floc Liquid is guaranteed not to settle during transport or storage.

Warning! This product as supplied is highly alkaline and therefore should be treated as a hazardous product. Always wear protective clothing, Gloves and Goggles when handling undiluted concentrate.


Application Rates

Mix 1:1 with water and spray 100-200 litres of mix per 1000 sq.m.

Rates will depend on level of opacity of water requiring treatment. A flask test is advisable.

Post application .


Check treated area after 6 hours to evaluate effect . In heavily contaminated areas a second treatment may be necessary.

May have to be repeated several times to achieve desired clarity.


Always conduct a small trial before undertaking large scale application. Always test water clarity 24 hours after and before re-application

Directions for Mixing

Fill spray tank with the required amount of water. Add required quantity of Cal-Flok to tank whilst agitating.

Warning: Do not allow mixed Cal-Flok to remain in the tank without agitators running or calcium will slowly settle to the bottom of the spray tank.