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Copper Barrier Spray by Organica Australia

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Copper Barrier by Organica

Barrier plus micronized copper silicate and Australian essential oils.  Copper has well known effects in the control of fungal and bacterial issues.

Copper Barrier may also be effective in instances of copper deficiency.  In addition soluable silica is added to boost the plants immune system.

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The Organica Barrier Range
How it works:

As the name describes, the Barrier range of products are designed to act as a Barrier between plant tissues and the external environment. 

 Barrier products are developed from a certified organic  micro-fine natural latex webbing , which dries to a protective layer (prophylactic layer) on foliage. The prophylactic layer prevents propagules (eg. spores) of pathogenic fungi and bacteria from being able to contact living plant cells. Being obligate parasites, the propagules need to infect living tissue within a short period of time or they will die. 

Although the protective layer is fine enough to prevent infective propagules from contacting the foliage surface, it does not prevent stomatal pore function (ie air and nutrient exchange), so the plant is able to continue with respiration, photosynthesis and the uptake of foliar nutrients.

The Barrier product range has been developed to add to the many benefits of the plain Barrier basic properties. Depending upon the specific product, our ready formulated blends have various desirable substances (eg. Trace elements , beneficial microbes)  embedded within the latex layer. This has resulted in a range of specialised Barrier products to target specific issues.  Alternatively, growers may also customise the plain Barrier Base with their own additives/actives.  

Organica Barrier products form part of a range of premium quality biological fertilisers and biological protectants.  Made in Queensland , they are able to be applied through most standard equipment, are guaranteed not to settle out in the container.