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Normecanica olive transfer pump DTM-100 E

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Normecanica olive transfer pump DTM-100 E
Capacity 60 cubic metres per hour

Working by auto-aspiration and with following elements:
  • Centrifugal Pump type DTM-100, assembly monoblock with impeller of wide solid pass, in 
  • AISI-316 all parts in contact with the liquid to pump, with engine of 10 CV. 
  • Vacuum pump of liquid ring to make the self-priming, type BVE1, with engine of 5,5 CV 
  • Feeding system of liquid ring, composed by tank in inox. ,hoses and different valves. 
  • Ball valve of 100 mm, in AISI-316 with electric servomotor for opening and close, placed in the drive of the centrifugal pump 
  • Pipe inox. leaned to aspiration and drive provided with rapid links of hose. 
  • Complete electric unit, with remote control and frequency changer at 380 V.
All assembled in stainless steel trolley.

Made in Spain.

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