Olive Oil Transfer Pump, Liverani Mini

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Transfer Pump, Liverani Mini

A coaxial impeller pump for transferring edible liquids, such as olive oil.
The pump can spin in both directions.

Components are Stainless steel AISI 316, the impeller is made from a nitrilic rubber.

Available in single or three phase power

How to replace the impeller:



  • Transferring delicate, fragile, and shear-sensitive fluids
  • Suitable for viscous fluids with solids in suspension
  • Hygienic/sanitary applications Oenological (wine, must, stemmed grapes)
  • Food processing (fruit pulp, honey, milk, yoghurt, liquid eggs, oil, tomatoes, brine)
  • Chemical (starch, water-based glues, paints, ink)
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical (liquid soap, shampoo, moisturizer, cleaning products)
​Operation Benefits:
  • Automatic self-priming capabilities, even from dry start-up, with a maximum priming distance of 6m
  • Reversible operation for easy return of excess liquid and emptying of pipes
  • High-performance priming action at low revolutions, suitable for transferring delicate fluids with viscosities up to 50,000 cp or solid particles in suspension without causing air-locking, emulsifying, or damage
  • Consistent and stable pumping action without pressure spikes, perfect for filling, dosing, or filtration processes
  • Flexible mounting options, can work in any position.
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EP_Mini_Data_Sheet_The_Olive_Centre_for_Liverani_Pump.pdf Liverani Mini Spec Sheet Specifications Document
Liverani_Impeller_compatibility_2_pages_1.pdf Liverani Impeller Compatibility Chart Specifications Document