(See TALCOIL) Micronised Mineral talc to aid the Olive Oil Extraction Process

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Micronised Mineral Talc

To aid the processing of high-moisture olive batches

How talc works:
When applied during the malaxing stage talc helps to absorb the extra moisture in the paste, allowing it to knead better and therefore extracting more oil.
The Talc then exits with the waste, without leaving any traces in the final oil.

Does not contain Quartz

2 types of talc are currently available

K40 Talc:
Has a particle size of ~40micron
Available in in individual 25Kg bags, or by the tonne. 
(When ordering by the tonne: Minimum 1.05 Tonne = 48bags or 2 x 600Kg bulka bags, maximum 4 bulka bags per pallet)
1% - 4% input rate (10Kg - 40Kg talc per 1 tonne of fruit)

Superfine is a finer grade of talc, making it possible to apply at a lower input rate.

Particle size of ~10micron.
0.3% - 0.7% input rate (3Kg - 7Kg talc per 1 tonne of fruit)
Available by the tonne only - Minimum 0.8 Tonne - packed in 400Kg bulk bags.
2 bulka bags per pallet, no double stacking for transport.

Please click the below links to access MSDS and research articles.

'The use of coadjuvants in olive oil extraction'an article by Pablo Canamasa - an agronomist and olive oil production specialist, regarding trials in 2005. Original article published in the Australian & New Zealand Olive Grower & Processor magazine. 2006. March-april edition.

K40 Talc - Technical data

Superfine Talc - Technical data


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Bulk amounts are ex Perth
Talc dispensers can be sourced for more accurate input.