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Lowe No1 Professional Heavy Duty Anvil For larger hands and does not jar your wrist when cutting.  Ergonomic Secateur.  
Option for rotating handles to reduce fatigue and increase hand ergonomics.
Steel blade, precision ground against soft aluminum anvil.

Ideal for orchardists, gardeners & professionals. An exceptional secateur.Lowe 1

LOWE is arguably the world's finest secateurs, these German-engineered pruners featuring a classic ergonomic design and offer full availability of spare parts. Crafted with robust steel handles featuring PVC grips, they effortlessly cut hardwood up to 25mm in diameter.

The original LOWE pruners are meticulously designed, produced, and assembled in Germany to the highest standards. They incorporate a unique hardening process that endows their blades with unparalleled hardness, ensuring an exceptionally sharp cutting edge.

For nearly a century, the Lowe principle of a drawing cut against a solid anvil has been rigorously tested and embraced by professional users worldwide. Unlike bypass pruning shears, where two blades glide past each other, anvil pruning shears have a blade that cuts down on a flat base or anvil. The all-metal classic design with a plastic handle and an internal flat spring designed to withstand at least one million cuts make these shears highly durable and suitable for various wood types. They are the industry standard tools for viniculture, horticulture, and fruit growing.

The advantages of Lowe anvil pruning shears include perfect power transmission, suitability for even the toughest woods, compatibility with both right and left-handed users, no cutting impact, and reduced cutting force requirements. The LOWE No 1, employing the anvil principle, is the iconic tool that made the Original LOWE brand renowned worldwide. These original Lowe pruners are manufactured and engineered in Germany by a third-generation family company, and spare parts are readily available and stocked in Australia. This pruner is built to last for generations, with dimensions of 21cm (8 1/4") in length, a weight of 290g, and a cutting capacity of 25mm (1").