Libra Touch Weigh Plate Filling Machine by I Bilanciai

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The LibraTouch: A Can and Bottle Weigher - Suitable for Filling Bottles, Cans & Bag In Box

Companies in both industrial and commercial sectors find the LibraTouch to be an excellent choice for their weigh filling needs, particularly when dealing with extra virgin olive oil. This machine is meticulously crafted from stainless steel and features a state-of-the-art touchscreen weight display.

The LibraTouch offers real-time tracking of the filling level and seamless conversion from litres to kilograms. It even provides the flexibility to select and create new formats as needed. Furthermore, the LibraTouch is CE-M compliant, ensuring it meets European standards.

Capacity you can choose:
A) 3-6 kilograms (1gram up to 3 kg – from 3 kg 2 grams)
B) 6-15 kilograms (2 grams up to 6 kg -from 6 kg 5 grams)
C) 15-30 kilograms (5 grams up to 15 kg  - from 15 kg 10 grams)
Minimum filling of less than 100g 


Features and Specifications:  
  • Size of the Balance Pan: 300 x 300 mm
  • Dimensions:  46 x 51 x 141cm
  • Packaged Dimensions:  152 x 64 x 68cm - 150kgs
  • Maximum Capacity 30kgs
  • Full Stainless Steel Structure
  • Stainless Steel Valve
  • Touchscreen Display 7" - You can choose and create new sizes using the touchscreen
  • Start/Pause/Reset/Emergency Buttons
  • Operation Indicator Lamp
  • Conversion between volume and weight managed by software (L to Kg)
  • Manual filling with 6 speed levels
  • Automatic dispenser with drip filter
  • Adjustable stop for all kinds of containers
  • 4 Wheels with lock to facilitate moving
  • Filling Speed:  5 Litres in 20 seconds (water).  Oil depending on viscosity may take longer.
  • Self Priming pump
  • ¾” fitting
  • Single-phase power supply
  • Allows filling from 20ml
  • Suitable for:  refillable containers, glass bottles, ceramic bottles, tin cans & bag in box with optional filling plate. 
  • Ideal for filling olive oil and several other products.

  • Plate for bag in box - Optional extra.  Operates tap removal, holds bag and replaces tap with a manual lever.

Release of Declaration of Conformity
Product CE-M Approved

Micra is smaller, it is a bench-type filler and it isn’t equipped with wheels, in the datasheet you can see its measures:·         
  • Electronic display
  • Ideal to fill containers with 250 ml
  • Electronic weight display in g/kg
  • Machine cannot store the formats, so when you change the size of the container to be filled it will be necessary to reset the tare for the new size every time of use.
  • The oil dispenser can be manually adjusted to the desired height

Libra Touch is wheeled and has a floor structure·         
  • Touch-screen display
  • Ideal to fill containers from 20 ml
  • It is possible to visualise the weight in g/kg but also in ml/l accuracy
  • You can store the sizes, so all you need to do is recall the memory of the sizes without resetting the tare for each container to be filled
  • The oil dispenser is automatic when you set the size to be filled you can also set the height, by placing the container on the balance automatically the dispenser automatically will rise or fall according to the setting given
  • Possibility to print a label if it is accompanied by a labeler which will show the data
  • Equipped with a USB port for data acquisition.