Albrigi Hydraulic Press - 20L, 10L & 3L - Manual & Electric

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Hydraulic Press

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hydraulic press

The hydraulic press is manufactured in Italy, built entirely from stainless steel, and is equipped with all the parts to be able to maintain a constant pressure to squeeze the material inside thanks to the main componentry comprised of a tubular frame with a collection plate, perforated basket & squeezing plate.

hydraulic press albrigi

The extraction or squeezing is carried out by means of a hydraulic piston which (depending on the model) will be operated by different devices either a manual lever or an electric motor. The pressure exerted will squeeze the product contained in the basket.
For the electric version it is possible to set the maximum working pressure from 0 to 250 Bar.

The squeezing pressure capacity of 20 litres can be reduced to 10 and 3 liters with the dedicated optional accessories to increase the overall specific pressure.

The press can be equipped with an optional trolley for movement and a casing for protection against splashes.
The hydraulic press is the perfect solution for squeezing medicinal plants, fresh fruit, vegetables, some seeds, dried fruit, and anything else containing juice.
In addition to this, it is used to squeeze the components used to create macerates, grappas, liqueurs with the aim of recovering all the juice derived from the residue of maceration.
Among the various products that can be processed, some examples are:
fruit: apples, peaches, lemons, oranges, pears;
vegetables: celery, dandelion, spinach, ribs;
other: products derived from maceration, aloe vera, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts
Insert the product to be processed arranging it evenly
Set the maximum pressure required
Activate the pressure squeezing device
Maintain pressure until the product is used up
Collect the product juice from the collection basin
Manufactured in Italy from high-quality stainless steel.
Some of the considerations are either Manual or Electric Versions and the base model is 20L which has a specific pressure rating of 10kg/cm2.  The pressure can be increased by changing the size down to either 10L or 3L which gives a variation in the specific pressure respectively of 15.16kg/cm2 or 27.5kg/cm2.

hydraulic press diagram