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Humaboost soil innoculant/stimulant by Organica

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HUMABOOST by Organica
Carbon Rich Microbial Soil Inoculant

Increases Nitrogen Fixation
Nutrient Rich Microbial Food Source

Ideal for Fruit and Vegetable Crops, Fruit Trees and Vines,
Sugar Cane Sets, Pasture, Turf and Broadacre Crops

BFA certified

Replenishes crop vigour after stress.
Improves seed germination as a pre-soak.
Reduces Nitrogen leaching
Amino and high carbon based microbial soil innoculant / stimulant.
Contains N fixing biology, beneficial bacteria and fungi (calcium and phosphorous digesters), and 21 spp of Trichoderma. Food based on digested amino's, humates/fulvates and sugars. Full complement of chelated trace and soluble silica. 

Available in different sizes.
Not recommended for foliar application.

Usually recommended to use with every 3rd application of Liquid N, provided a high nitrate fertilisers program is not being used.
Delivery charges apply.
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