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Guardian Gas Gun - STANDARD MODEL

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The Guardian Bird Scarer is a mechanically operated LPG gas cannon that generates single-shot explosions designed to deter a wide range of pests, including birds, kangaroos, and other animals. Its activation is facilitated by a piezo-electric electronic system, and the remainder of the machine operates with mechanical precision, ensuring high reliability and minimizing potential issues.

These controlled explosions can be programmed to occur at regular intervals, with options ranging from once a minute to every half hour. Additionally, the volume of these blasts can be adjusted using the telescopic cannon, providing flexibility within a decibel range of 80 to 120. The effective protection area covered by our bird scarers extends to 3 to 4 hectares, contingent on the specific crop type and the terrain.

Notably, the entire machine is zinc-plated, enhancing its resilience against adverse weather conditions, and making it a dependable solution for safeguarding your agricultural assets.

** LPG gas not supplied