Gravity Olive Oil Filling Machine

Bottle Filler
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Use Gravity to your advantage!

Developed to meet the requirements of boutique producers or those with limited access to power.

Fill bottles from 500ml up to 2Litres (adjustable shelf height)
Adjust the required level of product in the bottle simply by turning the locknuts.

Machine made entirely in AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL 

2 valve - maximum capacity of around 240 Litres / Hour 
4 Valve  - maximum capacity of ~450L /hour
6 Valve  - maximum capacity of ~600L /hour

Optional: 20x20 plate filter with rubber impeller pump for oil GG.20
(Options only available for 4 and 6 valve machines, not included in price, if plate filter is added, connection to power is required).

Filling speed  can vary with the viscosity of the product being filled and user speed. (oil viscosity  is affected by temperature)
Delivery charges apply.