Ganixx-Bio Trico-Bacillus 25-Soil

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Contains a huge diversity of important soil fungi and bacteria including 25 Trichoderma and Bacillus spp. In. Bacillus Pumilus**** Azobacter, *Nostoc spp, Calcium and phosphorous digesters and others.

Nutrient rich formula introduces and feeds a broad spectrum of micro-organisms.
Contains 4 x n fixing microbes for enhanced nitrogen fixation.
Reducing nitrogen volatilisation permitting lower applications of N.
Contains rare earth minerals and trace elements essential for soil biology.
Contains Silica for improved microbe health, fruit quality and shelf life.
Faster recovery of lost crop vigour after stress.
Dramatically improves seed germination/early seedling development.

Made in Australia
Certified for use in organic production.

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MSDS_Ganixx-Bio__Formula_V_MSDS_0717_1.pdf Ganixx Bio Formula V MSDS Specifications Document