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Oliomio 350 FORMA with Linear Malaxing System

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The FORMA equipment is purpose-built for separating batches of olive fruit, whether in continuous or batch processing mode. In the 2GL version (2GL means 2 x Linear Malaxing system), the crusher is integrated with the malaxer unit, and it discharges separately into vats 1 or 2. In contrast, the 3GL and 4GL versions feature a separate crusher. The management of oxygen at the crusher inlet plays a crucial role in enabling lipoxygenase formation, which in turn affects the flavors. Equally significant for the final product's quality is the temperature difference between the paste upon entering and exiting the crusher.

Malaxation takes place within sealed malaxers to prevent paste oxidation and ensure precise temperature control. The paste inlet in the 2GL version is facilitated by an auger, while in the 3GL and 4GL models, a pump, operated by an electric valve, manages the process. The outlet is handled through a PSS elliptical piston pump attached to each individual malaxer. The equipment's design simplifies the cleaning process by providing full access through the top cover, eliminating any potential areas for process residue.

The horizontal decanter, which separates liquids from solids, is meticulously engineered to yield the maximum product quality. The 2.0 auger is designed to obtain the cleanest product possible without the need for added water, ensuring that there is no temperature increase during the extraction process. In summary, FORMA equipment enables the extraction of exceptional products, with the added benefit of continuous support from our company throughout every production phase, making a substantial difference.

Images of 2 and 3 bowl versions.

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