Extension Pole 1.37m for Electrocoup Electric Secateurs

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Extension Pole 1.37m
ELECTROCOUP extension poles
The Extension poles are suitable for the Electocoup Electric Shears

Product record 
Forestry work Tree pruning 
Parkland Maintenance work

The ELECTROCOUP Extension Pole System
The system allows the operator to improve its work when pruning up high . The innovation within the system is in its patented trigger activation system. The trigger system works with a micro switch inserted in a glove worn by the operator, allowing him to activate the trigger at any time and in any position. The extension in a telescopic version or fixed version allows the operator to reach branches up to 7m from the ground. The ELECTROCOUP Extension Pole has been awarded twice at the prestigious Trade Show Sival 2006 and the Sifel 2006 for best innovation. Thanks to its Extension Pole, Infaco SAS has positioned itself as a professional equipment supplier in both the Forestry and Parkland maintenance industries.