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Deno Olive Pit Remover by Oliomio

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Deno Pit Remover by Oliomio

The Optional crusher can be used in conjunction with the Oliomio to remove the pit and produce a “Pitless Oil”. 

The flesh is removed from the pit to form a paste, the waste pits are expelled at the rear of the machine.

Constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel.

  • DN500 with Oliomio 250
  • DN700 with Oliomio 500
  • DN1000 with Oliomio 750
  • DN1500 with Oliomio 1000
  • DN2000 with Oliomio 1500
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Buyers Guide to Oliomio Olive Oil Processing Machines

Oliomio olive oil

If you are looking for an oil extraction machine or olive press, you need to consider an Oliomio!

Oliomio is a well-respected leader in the realm of small to medium scale olive oil production.
Made in Italy, the Genuine Oliomio olive oil processing machine remains on the cutting edge of the latest technology in innovation, quality, service and value for money.

Self-contained and modular machines are available in a range of sizes.
Machine capacities range from 40Kgs per hour, up to 2 Tonne per hour.

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Frequently asked Oliomio questions

  • Self contained machines include the crusher, malaxer and decanter all in one unit for compact storage and mobility.
  • Modular machines are made of several units, each for a different process (i.e. crushing, malaxing, separation etc..)
  • Cultivar & TecnoTEM which have an advanced automation process.

Many configurations are available. Speak with one of our expert staff about your requirements

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About the Oliomio Estate owned by the makers of Oliomio & Frantoino....

This is what started it all... the first Oliomio 50 machine ..... see the operational video.(for informational purposes only)