Cultivar Oliomio 350 F3V, TP

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Torre Bianca - Impianto Oleario Sperimentale .... Experimental Cultivar Series machine at Torre Bianca, Val di Pesa.

The Cultivar series is the leading series of Oliomio, the most innovative machines for the production of the highest quality olive oil under the highest standards of traceability and manufacturing practices.

The Cultivar series olive oil extraction line is a fully automatic PC controlled production line (hardware and software included).

The production line consists of several different crushers according to the clients demand.  All Crushers are equipped with an inverter for the control of the crushing speed. The paste is transferred through and air tight tube to sealed (excluding air) vertical kneaders which in include both a display and control of the internal paste temperature.

At the appropriate timing, the paste is transferred for separation to a two phase decanter, where the oil is separated from the paste. The two phase decanter speed is also controlled by a central computer for determining the speed of separation of different batches of paste.  From the decanter the oil is then transferred to containers.

The software supplied with the Cultivar generates a unique certificate for each batch of olives which incorporates all the collected data during the process of oil production.  All data is kept in the software archives for full reporting capability.

The Cultivar 350 has a production rate of up to 350 kg olives per hour.