Chilli Wax... repels insects

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Ganixx-Bio Chilli Barrier

BFA Certified
Made in QLD, Australia.

High potency chilli extract, used to flush, repel insects out of foliage.

Creates protective latex and wax barrier over foliage whilst retaining air and nutrient exchange capacities of plant tissues:

  • Flavour irritates fruit eaters such as bats, birds, possums etc
  • Residual aftertaste easily removed by washing produce in warm water
  • Can be tank mixed with nutrient sprays
  • Compatible with other Organica products 

Various pack size available.
Delivery charges apply.
"We think the Chilli Wax did work!  We put it on about 4 weeks before harvest and after about 4 days it appeared that the birds went from the block that then flew to the other blocks. Hence we think we lost more fruit from them.  We are interested to use this product next year on all our blocks." JW, NZ The Olive Centre 30