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Cardboard Plate Filter

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Cardboard Plate Filter

The primary purpose is to remove water from olive oil.

Jolly filters are meticulously crafted and produced entirely by MORI TEM.

These filters are purpose-built to refine, clarify, and sterilise a diverse range of liquids, including wines, oils, beer, fruit juices, and various food liquids. Each filter is equipped with a valve for flow regulation, complete with a gauge and a wine-tasting tap.

Optional (not included):

  • Double filtration plate
  • Bypass

Available with or without pump.
With 10, 20, 30 or 40 plates.

Delivery charges apply.
File Title File Description Type Section
20_plate_filter.pdf 20 Plate Filter MORI TEM Brochures Document
48_ST_FILTRI-JOLLY-10-20.pdf Jolly Plate Filters 20 x 20 Brochures Document