Burn-Off by Organica

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Burn-Off Horticultural Vinegar

Burn-Off without dangerous chemicals - Green Bio-Mass Dessicant – Commercial strength

*Non-Toxic Organic Certified*-  Made from concentrated vinegar.

BFA certified 442AI

Mix 1 part Burn-Off with 3-4 parts water depending on the required effect. Add a small amount of household washing liquid as a wetter. Spray Burn-Off Vinegar onto any green bio-mass requiring treatment. For larger bio-mass clumps direct a stream of pre-mixed solution at the base of the bio-mass to wet the soil. Burn-Off will spread into the surface of the soil and the vinegar will kill the bio-mass roots without any long term effect on the soil of the garden.

Uses Include:

  • Garden beds
  • Footpaths
  • Public Areas
  • Play Areas
  • Commercial Nurseries
  • Farms
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Treated areas are safe for animals and pets after 1 hour
    Made using the finest quality ingredients without any toxic chemicals
  Minimum order 2 x drums