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AGRODEX BORON fertiliser for Olives by Agrobest

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Agrodex Boron

Dilution Rate: 1:1000
Drum Muster Levy & Delivery charges apply.

Boron is an essential element for cell division, metabolism, protein synthesis as well as flowering, pollination and fruit formation. Apply for healthy plants, improved fruit set and fruit quality.

Apply at pre-flowering. Can be applied Foliar or Fertigated.

AgroDex Boron is a high analysis Boron solution, designed to rapidly correct boron deficiencies in both soil and foliar applications in all crops. AgroDex Minerals are derived from the most potent materials available and undergo a complex process allowing enhanced foliar and root zone uptake. AgroDex Boron is formulated with a blend of growth factors and organic acids, which assists with assimilating Boron in the plant.

non-returnable IBC's

  • Dilution Rate:   1:1000 (1L of product to 1000L of water)
  • Application Rate:   5L (5000L diluted) per Hectare
  • Application Method/s:   Soil or Foliar application
  • Recommended Application Time:   Pre-flowering
  • Contains:   Boron (10%)with a blend of growth factors and organic acids
  • Does Not Contain:   Contains no Nitrogen or Chloride
  • Organic Status:   BFA registered