BoraMax + Si by Organica Certified Organic

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BoraMax 150 + Si by Organica

Boron + Silica are essential micronutrients for regulating plant cell water balance and sugar translocation, also important in plant reproductive systems, ensuring healthy pollen development development and production.

Boron deficiency can adversely affect most crops. Click this link to view an article about the importance of Boron and Calcium for olive trees.

contains 150g/l of Boron soluable in water as ethanolamine. The most effective and safe Boron foliar micro-nutrient spray with added Silica. Boramax is readily taken up by plants when applied to foliage and contains a surfactant and wetter to ensure efficient coverage and retention by the plant.

Silica is added to Boron 150 to alleviate nutrient imbalance between Zinc and Phosphorus.

Boramax 150 + Si micronutrients are available immediately to the plant.

Non toxic to most beneficial foliar and soil micro-organisms and is the safest form of Boron available.

Certified ORGANIC.