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Agrobest Beyond Foliar NPK & Micronutrients

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Beyond Foliar is available in three NPK combinations which are complex blend of EDTA chelated micronutrients and cytokinin plant extract within a balanced, highly available, rapidly absorbed solution of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. The formulation of Beyond Foliar uses the highest purity and quality actives. The phosphate is manufactured from 100% orthophosphoric acid, a pure form of phosphate that is 98% available to the plant and the nitrogen is derived from a very low biuret source. Beyond Foliar has very fast absorption rate into the plant. Up to 80% being absorbed within 1 Hr of spraying under normal conditions. Beyond Foliar and chelated micronutrients are rapidly absorbed into the plant and with the assistance of the plant extract, readily translocated throughout the plant to where it is most needed. 3-10-15 is the premium fruit filling blend for larger, better quality fruit, improved flavour and colour, increased sugar levels and disease resistance. 11-6-9 is balanced NPK base used to promote early vigor of fruit trees & field crops and to increase growth and size, improving quality, and color. 18-2-4 actively promotes early growth and meets the demand later in the season of crops with high nitrogen requirements.

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