Polaris Automated Olive Oil Can Filling Line Mod B500 for Metal Cans - 150mL - 5L

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Polaris Automazioni has designed the B500 monoblock for oil producers who want to automate their production cycle. This system is capable of filling large containers, including tin cans, glass or PET/HDPE demijohns, and jerry cans, in sizes up to 5 or 10 liters. The B500 monoblock offers a high-performance and customizable solution for efficient bottling and packaging of oil products.

The B500 monoblock is a flexible and versatile bottling and packaging system that can be customized to meet a wide range of production needs. The machine comes equipped with 3 nozzles as standard, but can be expanded to include up to 8 nozzles for higher output. The filling process is managed by a volumetric counter with oval wheel, providing ultimate precision for small sizes and 5/10-liter tin and jerry cans. The nozzles are pneumatically actuated and designed to provide a high flow of product at the beginning of the filling process, then gradually reduce the flow as the final level is reached for accurate measurement. This ensures efficient and precise filling of containers with minimal drip and waste.

The B500 monoblock offers the following features and specifications:
  • Bottle size: capable of handling various sizes of tins, including cylindrical, square, and rectangular, from 150 ml to 3 L and 5 L sizes
  • Changeover: simple and fast adjustments without changing machine parts, in 10-15 minutes
  • Production capacity: nominal capacity of 300 pcs/hour for 5 L size, and up to 1200 pcs/hour for smaller sizes
  • Ideal for co-packers: its specifications make it suitable for use by co-packers
  • Construction: one-piece monobloc machine made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


The basic configuration of the B500 line for oil includes the following features:
  • Capping unit for press-on or screw-on plastic caps, with feeder hopper
  • Accident-prevention guards to CE standard, with option to install laminar flow hoods for cleaner environment
  • Product feeding through inverter-controlled flexible impeller pump
  • Stainless steel electrical panel with industrial PC and HMI touch-screen operator panel
  • Machine operating parameters stored in the PC for easy recall and adjustment.


The B500 line is a customizable bottling and packaging system that can be configured to match the specific needs of the user. In addition to the basic configuration, the B500 line can be equipped with various heads and accessories, including a nitrogen gas injector, feeder hoppers for different cap sizes, a manual capping unit, and labellers for body and back labels. The system can also be equipped with an inkjet marking device for printing on tin cans and drums, or other marking devices for label printing. The B500 line is also equipped with remote assistance for easy diagnostics, and can be supplied on 4 wheels for added mobility. Additional accessories, such as a pusher or diverter for transferring products to additional conveyors, can also be added upon request.


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