Polaris Automated Olive Oil Bottling Line Mod B12 for Glass Bottles, PET & Metal Cans - 100mL - 2L

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The Polaris Automazioni B12 line is designed for medium to large producers who require high performance and flexibility in their production lines. This system is ideal for handling frequent bottle size changeovers and small batch production. Its advanced features and customizable configuration allow users to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in their bottling and packaging operations.

The Polaris Automazioni B12 line is designed for large manufacturers who require high speed and flexibility in their production processes. This bottling and packaging system is suitable for filling glass and plastic bottles ranging in size from 100 ml to 2 liters, and is ideal for handling spirits, oil, and vinegar. The B12 line features a filler with 10+10 nozzles, and is capable of a production rate of 2600 bottles per hour. The system uses a steel chain for added durability, and can be customized to meet the specific needs and requests of the customer.

The B12 line offers the following features and specifications:

Bottle size: able to handle any shape of bottle from 100 cc to 2 liters, including cylindrical, square, triangular, and shaped bottles
Changeover: simple and fast adjustments without changing machine parts, in 30-60 minutes depending on configuration
Production capacity: nominal maximum of 2500 bottles/hour, easily adjustable for lower speeds
Construction: single bottling line in monobloc made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with AISI 316 available on request for parts in contact with the product.

  • Blower unit with 10+10 nozzles using filtered compressed air or nitrogen
  • Filling unit with 10+10-nozzle filler and vacuum system, with automatic internal cleaning and cycle-based product feeding
  • Leveller for accurate filling to millimeter precision, with product recycled to storage tank
  • Capper for screw or press-on caps, with 400mm diameter cap feeding hopper
  • Capsule dispenser with fan-assisted thermal head for heat sealing
  • Labeller for body labels with horizontal unwinding, in paper or transparent
  • Labeller for back labels with horizontal unwinding, in paper or transparent
  • Coding unit for legal dates and batch numbers
  • Electric control panel with Profinet and SIEMENS S7 PLC, HMI touch-screen display
  • Accident-prevention guards to CE standard, with top cover
  • Final collection table for finished product.

The B12 line is a highly customizable bottling and packaging system that can be configured to match the specific needs of the user. The system can be equipped with various heads, including an ultra-clean filling machine in AISI 316L, a nitrogen gas injector, extra filling pipes for bottles with narrow necks, and a batch feeder for bottled flavorings. The B12 line can also be used to fill PET bottles, and the filling unit can be neutralized with nitrogen gas for production pauses. The system can be equipped with a manual capping unit for special caps, and a cap elevator for easy handling. The B12 line also features additional labelling units for added versatility, and a rotating outlet disk for the collection of the final product.

Customization options for future heads are also available upon request.

FILLER 10+10 nozzles
BOTTLE DIAMETER or WIDTH min / max 40 mm / 210 x 210 mm
BOTTLE HEIGHT min / max 140 mm / 510 mm
SUITABLE LABELS roll of self-adhesive L min/ H max 200 mm / 200 mm
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