Avocado Oil Extraction Machine

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FORMA Avocado processing systems are meticulously engineered to facilitate both continuous and intermittent processing of standard batches. The facility is equipped with a set of essential components, including a crusher, a kneading unit, a decanter, an evacuation pump, and a heat unit. The crusher plays a pivotal role in the process, as it efficiently transforms pitted and often peeled fruit into a fine paste.

Subsequently, this resulting paste undergoes further processing within a kneading unit, which, thanks to the integrated heat unit, elevates it to the ideal temperature for optimal oil extraction. This finely tuned paste is then conveyed through a pump, entering the decanter, where the oil is effectively separated from the remaining paste. The solid remnants, or pomace, are skillfully evacuated via a pump and a dedicated discharge pipe.

The Avocado Oil plant is equipped with a Heating system with a double jacket and circulation pump to maintain consistent temperature inside the malaxing tanks. Temperature Controller printout unit available on demand: an instrument for handling the temperatures. Thermic printer for temperature reporting. 
Mixers with only one stirrer and transfer pump between the bowls. The feeding pump to the decanter is fitted with variable speed. Flow meter for dosing water during extraction. 

Two outlets on the decanter with d.200mm cylinder, 3200 rpm. 

Electrical panel with thermic protection built for the continuous or batch working process. 

All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and food-grade material.

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