Rubber Hook & Anchoring Ring band fastener for Trees & Trellis

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Hook & Anchoring Ring Bands

Heavy duty, UV stabilized, long life rubber ties

Quick and easy self locking hook and anchoring components, securely locks plant to wire or stake.

Different sizes available:
30mm - 750g/pack (approx 700 bands)
50mm - 700g/pack (approx 500 bands)
80mm - 600g/pack (approx 300 bands)
120mm - 650g/pack (approx 200 bands)
160mm - 650g/pack (approx 150 bands)
200mm - 650g/pack (approx 125 bands)

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The picture below shows how to use Rubber Hook & Anchoring Ring  bands to secure plants to stake.

How to use anchor bands