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AGRODEX P & K with Phosphorus and Potassium

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AgroDex P & K is unique in its formulation, using the purest forms of Phosphorus and Potassium available, all attached to sugar molecules for immediate assimilation by the plant. AgroDex P & K will improve fruit yield, quality & colour uniformity and even with low rates will offer a lasting response. Ideal product for cotton at flowering and fruit set when P & K are at peak demand. AgroDex P & K is gentle to leaf surfaces and when used as directed will not harm even the most delicate fruit or foliage. AgroDex minerals have a range of organic acids which give the element a low molecular weight chelation ensuring the most effective penetration of the element to the functioning parts of the plant structure. AgroDex chelated minerals are a complexed mixture of organic acids, partially hydrolyzed proteins and free amino acids.

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