ZENITRAM Diatomaceous Earth Filter for high volume olive oil filtration, 2000L/hr

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APPLICATION: To produce polished and smooth Olive Oil.

FLOW RATE: 2.000 liters per hour. The flow rate is limited by the humidity and desired brightness.

CYCLE: Depending on the condition of the olive oil.

QUALITY OF FILTRATION: Brilliant and clear.

NOTE:  Filtering freshly produced olive oil is much more complicated than filtering say a 3 month old olive oil.  This is due to the high particle and humidity that is found in all olive oils.  To compensate for this, it is advisable to take into account the reduction by about half the filtration capacity as stated.  By following the guidelines, the filter will produce a highly polished oil with a brilliant shine, in a single filtration.  As is generally known, filtration removes sediment and moisture and does not change the organoleptic properties, the smell or color of any product filtered.

Principal advantages of the filters, with the filter elements stacked in the horizontal position over filter elements stacked in the vertically: 

  • Brilliant filtration in one single cycle. 
  • Conserves all of the organic properties of the oil. 
  • Complete and total stability of the filtration aids, even during shortages of product or electrical outages. 
  • We have the possibility to change from one type, quality or client of olive oil to another without mixing a single liter. 
  • We have the possibility to stop the filtration cycle, and restart it after several days, without having to drain the filter, and without loss of the filtration aids. 
  • Larger filtration surface to improve absorption of humidity. 
  • Complete drainage of all remaining oil. 
  • Totally automatic cleaning, within a few minutes & without disarming the filter. 
  • Automatic dosing of the filtration aids.


The Zenitram Filter is designed by using a cylindrical recipient {filtration chamber} in which the oil is introduced under low pressure. In the interior, the filter elements {plates}, which are circular with a hole in the center to which they are fitted to tube {column} that has been drilled.

The olive oil accompanied with the Diatomaceous Earth enters the filtering chamber and passes through the filter elements and exits the chamber by way of the column.

The Diatomaceous Earth that is mixed with the oil remains on the exterior of the filter elements. This creates a uniform layer of sediment various millimeters thick, which retains the particles and dries the humidity of the oil that has entered the filtration chamber, guarantying a symmetric process for the entire cycle.

We would like to point out that due to the filters large surface area described in m2, our filters have longer cycles, without the need for cleaning, and ensuring that your oil maintains its organic qualities, by the simple fact that you will not pass your product through the filtering chamber repeatedly, as is often required when using a smaller surface area.

The self-cleaning electric motor spins the filtration block. The sediment is moved outward to the chamber walls by centrifugal force and falls to the bottom of the chamber, where it is recovered in the recovery tray, located under the filter chamber.

In the last step of the cleaning, the rotation speed is increased in order to ensure the removal of the smallest particles of solid materials retained on the filter elements. We do NOT introduce water, steam, air, or any other foreign substance to complete the cleaning cycle.

The Zenitram filter needs approximately 10 minutes to drain, clean and restart the new filtration cycle.