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Olive Waste Pit Recovery Machine

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Designed by the makers of Oliomio an ecological machine to recover the pits from the waste pomace.

How it works...
A loading hopper actuated by a gear motor where the pomace arrives into the drum separator.  Inside the drum separator a 3 blade mixer spins the product to separate the stones (or pit matter) to the rear channel.  The wet component of the waste needs to be transferred to the waste section of the facility.

Pomace with a moisture content greater than 50% does not need the addition of water.

The recovery of pits from this machine is about 13-18% of the waste product.

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The whole frame is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL and food-grade materialnew tem logo.PNG

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Separatore_di_Nocciolino_250_500_750_1000_1500_2000_3000.pdf Pit Separator by TEM Brochures Document