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Vertical Air Operated Volumetric Filler

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These air-operated volumetric fillers are fully constructed in food-grade materials. They can be easily placed anywhere without the need of special settings or arrangements. The product can be sucked from a container placed below the unit as well as from a storage container, and with no extra pump. Any type of container can be filled with low to medium viscosity product. Also particularly suitable for filling tinplate cans with edible oil. Filling volume can be easily selected within a 200 to 5.000 ml range. Excellent performance also with nonfood foamy products, such as cleansers, shampoos, bubble bath liquids etc. In fact
all machine components in contact with filling products can with-stand the attack of even aggressive chemical substances. The machine is equipped with wheels so it can be easily moved. We can install different sizes nozzles (diam. 25, 20, 16 mm) with s/steel no drop nets.