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Talcoil Micronised Mineral Talc by Mivico

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Better Yield of Extraction  |  More working capacity  |  Cleaner olive oil  |  Minimum dosage

TALCOIL is commercialised as an authorised processing aid by the EU to improve the extraction of virgin olive oil.

TALCOIL consists of natural micro-talc which is an effective solution when difficult paste presents. The totality of TALCOIL is pure talc, which joined to its high micronisation, it guarantees a product with excellent results when it comes to difficult pastes.  Talcoil is regarded as a superfine talc.


Sometimes, and due to different circumstances subjected by the olive fruit during the growing season, the extraction of virgin olive oil can become difficult if the fruit has been subjected to excess moisture.

During the stage of malaxing the olive paste sometimes does not have the appropriate structure and/or consistency to carry out proper extraction. An emulsion may appear and the phases of liquid and solid are not easy to separate. When is happens, a considerable amount of olive oil is lost in solid phase and it goes out with the pomace/waste. As a result, the yield of extraction is lower than normal which causes important economical loss in the manufacturing process.
mixing phase.JPG
Paddles not coming out clean in the malaxing tank
TALCOIL breaks the emulsion which origins the difficult paste so the olive oil can be released and it is then easier to separate. A very low dose of TALCOIL gets outstanding results. The expense in natural microtalc is nothing in comparison to the profit due to increase the yield of extraction. The usage of natural microtalc is regulated by the EU and by many studies that prove its effectiveness.

Higher extraction where microtalc was added (left)
The other test tube has no talc (right)

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File Title File Description Type Section
TALCOIL_Technical_Data_Sheet_4.pdf Talcoil Technical Data Sheet Brochures Document
TALCOIL_MSDS_English_3.pdf Talcoil MSDS English Brochures Document
TALCOIL_registration_spanish_3.pdf Talcoil Registration Spanish Brochures Document
Certificate_Talc_Food_Grade_4.pdf Talcoil Certificate Food Grade Brochures Document