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Small Talc Dispenser

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Small  Talc Dispenser Model DP 5/40 INOX

The DP5/40 dispenser is the standard type parent of an entire family of small dispensers that come as standard or can be tailored.

Although in principle it was designed as a machine by pulse dosage, on request and due to the many possible applications, this machine can be manufactured with continuous and packaging dosages.

Wide range of dosages for a multitude of different additives and agents in all kinds of industries and manufacturing processes.

A portable machine, easy to move around with its wheels and its low weight. Very reasonably priced.

Dosage directly to the recipient machine with adjustable height thanks to its telescopic post.

The machine requires no installation by our technical service.

The customer receives its packaged in as for assembly. It can quickly be started up and put into operation in any factory.


 Mechanical Safety Elements
 Hopper lid protects against entry of foreign objects
 Hopper grille protects against entry of unwanted elements
 Electric Safety Elements
 Electronically controlled self- cleaning system
 Electric components protected with grounded
 Protection against short circuiting on all lines
 Engine overload protection
 Low voltage operation and marking: 24 V.
 Activation Elements
 Stop-locking-run selector
 Regulation and Signalling Elements
 Dosage of product (Programming of 0,1 by 0,1 Kg/h)
 Product density ( Programming of 0,01 by 0,01 Kg/l)
 Signalling electronic circuit testing
 Signalling engine running
 Signalling overload engine
 Support Structure Elements
 Hooper with grille
 Telescopic post, height adjustable from 1,230-1,830 mm.
 High stability support bracket with wheels and brakes
 Lockable electric switchboard
 Conveyor tube in special technical plastic for foodstuffs, 90 cm long
 (other lengths optional)
 Materials and Finishes
 Stainless steel. High resistance to any corrosive product in all parts and components
 of the machine. Other components made of technical plastic and special aluminum.
 Certification, Standards and Guarantee
 Each machine is accompanied by European Certificate (E.C.) manufacturer´s
 approval certificate where directives in industrial application guidelines for application
 and harmonized regulation for compliance. All of the elements are guaranteed, of the
 highest quality, and meet all the legal requirements in force.


The DP-5/40 INOX model could, optionally and under ordered, be completed with one or more of the following complements.
 Wide range of possibilities: Dosage in Kg/h, gr/h, Kg/pulse or gr/pulse in pulse mode,
 continuous (Ratio: 10/1) or packing mode
 Conveyor tube in lengths to be studied according to product
 Conveyor tube with bigger diameter for handling certain products
 Sensor and alarm indicating empty Hopper and/or minimum product level

Quick & Easy Handling:

Operation, control, signaling and programming

Operational mode selector:
• STOP, machine stopped.
• RUN, machine in continuous operation.
• LOCKING, machine in automatic operation, interlocked with another machine (for example a mill).

Maneuvering: 24 V.

Lock under key for safety.

Programming Keyboard

Two possible types of programming keyboards depending of apply specifications

Keyboard type 1
Manufactured with owner technology and DGF microprocess.

Keyboard type 2
With electronic variable- speed drive.

Manufacturer  Undertaking


1. In all our services we are dedicated 100% in order to achieve our clients full satisfaction.
2. All of our clients have to rely on our machinery and they must be convinced that the machines are manufactured in order to be useful, independently of work and the operative conditions.

With all these premises, the EXPORT models are an adaptation of every single machine, in necessary cases, spare parts kits are attached. This is a compilation of the first parts that the client would be used in order to substitute due to a normal mechanical wear. In this way we optimize the clients full satisfaction and through this skill we avoid the use of any external repairs and purchase of goods or maintenance.
Likewise these EXPORT dispensers incorporate the greatest care which is demonstrated in every single part. What does it mean? That every single critical part of the machine is substituted by other which has more durability, either because it has special treatment or due the material is harder than the other one. In this way some parts of these machines are conceived like “perennial”.

At last, every machine is undergone to an extra check up service, that it would guarantee 0% of manufacture defects.   

The only obligation on the clients side in order to keep this durability, exact adjustments characteristics and its working is the using of original spare parts, following the manual instruction or another which belongs to our technical department. With this symbiosis, which is used on each client, we will get a long life in the service of our machinery maintaining a high capacity.

When the client will need our direct services, it had passed a suitable time in order it would exist a satisfactory and trust relation either on the machine or also on the personalized attention that we have offered. Before the needing of our services, the majority of our clients have purchased more than once .Is there a better reward for a manufacturer?

 CT-16/360 EXPORT
 Dispenser CT-16/360 special for export
 Each export machine is accompanied by two spare parts kit for correct trouble-free
 conservation for many years.
 Wooden box or steel cage packaging. Special for air/ land/sea freight. With
 certificates of packing, cleanliness and origin.
 Total weight in kilograms of packed machine.
 Wooden packaging: 230
 Steel packaging: 220
 Dimensions in milimetres of packaging:
 Wooden: 910 x 1.250 x 1.530 (H)
 Steel: 960 x 1.330 x 1.600 (H)
 Dispenser DP-5/40 INOX special for export
 Each export machine has a double check up in order to guarantee 0% of
 manufacturer defects
 Wooden or steel box packaging. Special for air/ land/sea freight. With certificates of
 packing, cleanliness and origin.
 Total weight in kilograms of packed machine.
 Wooden packaging: 62
 Steel packaging: 85
 Dimensions in milimetres of packaging:
 Wooden: 520 x 1.130 x 565 (H)
 Steel: 525 x 1.350 x 660 (H)
(Densities and production levels most frequently used)
(This table is a summary, there are 176 possible adjustments because the density can be adjusted by 0,01 en 0,01 Kg/l)
Production between 1 and 61 Kg/h. Minimum range 0,1 Kg


0,40 1,6 28
0,45 1,8 31,2
0,50 2 35
0,55 2,2 38,5
0,60 2,4 42
0,65 2,6 45,5
0,70 2,8 49
0,75 3 52,5
Optionally, with other designs (non-standard), different production levels are obtained
Every dosing machine model DP 5/40 INOX is supplied in wooden packaging with the weight, volume and dimensions which are specified below. Suitable for every means of transport by land, air and maritime.

Weight of machine plus wooden packaging:  62 Kg approximately
Machine weight: 40 Kg
Total packaging volume: 0,33 m3
Dimensions: 1.130 x 520 x 564 (H) mm

In some special cases of export, it has to be transported in steel packaging. The dimensions, volume and weight lightly differed by the wooden. This information would be provided to the client prior to the delivery.


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