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Talc Dispenser

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Large Talc Dispenser Model CT-16/360

The dosing powder products are necessary and fundamental in all kind of industrial process.

The manufacturer, with twenty-five years experience, have specialised in the design and manufacture of VOLUMETRIC DISPENSERS with great precision. Through the use of an advanced technology the dispensers are capable of, with two standard models and a multitude of custom- designed adaptations in order to be able to provide the market a wide range and types of dosage to a hundreds of different powder products. They are adaptable, economic, precise, and easy to install, lightly, easy to handle, without machine maintenance. Safe and durable machinery capable of working thousands of hours in any place of the world.

The machines are capable of dosage of product plus transfer to the desired location.

The ratios of the dosing machinery are superior.
A homogeneous dosage, in a continuous or discontinuous way, depending on the needs of the application. Dosage regulation in Kg. per hour, in grams per hour, Kg. per pulse, grams per pulse, Kg. or grams per work cycle.

One machine is capable to handle hundreds of different products with only press a button.

Machines which adapt to every type of work, every process and product.

About CT-16 Dispenser

The CT-16/360 volumetric dispenser is a machine capable of carrying out 2 jobs: The dosage of any powder product and its transport to the dosing machine.

Machine with strong self-supporting structure. Maintenance-free. Adapts to any installation and is prepared to meet the greatest demands and work condition requirements.

All required features to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Multiple units can be dosing simultaneously at each installation and occupy little space.

At the end of the conveyor tube the product dose is added continuously and homogeneously in Kg/ hour. The mixture is perfect.

The flexibility of the conveyor tube makes possible start up impossible with other machinery concepts.


  • 5m Spiral & 80cm Conveyor Tubing
  • Specific electronic programs relating to dosages and product density and automatic anticompact system.
  • Owner's instruction and maintenance manual.
  • Manufacturer's Approval Certificate (CE) machines directives in industrial application.

Every Spare Export Kit includes:
    • 2 Blocker Rings for Transmission
    • 1 Level Light
    • 5.8m of conveyor spiral
    • 5.8m of conveyor tube.
 CT-16/360 EXPORTDispenser CT-16/360 special for export Each export machine is accompanied by two spare parts kit for correct trouble-free 
 conservation for many years. Wooden box or steel cage packaging. Special for air/ land/sea freight. With 
 certificates of packing, cleanliness and origin. Total weight in kilograms of packed machine. 
 Wooden packaging: 230
 Steel packaging: 220 Dimensions in milimetres of packaging:
 Wooden: 910 x 1.250 x 1.530 (H)
 Steel: 960 x 1.330 x 1.600 (H)

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