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Stikem/Stickem Pest Barrier gel - 11kg




***11kg only available

A tactile gel for use in Insect Traps.  Suitable for Ants, Caterpillars, Beetles & Mites.

Apply Stikem Gel to surface of barrier material in a continuous strip with brush, roller of scraper to ensure maximum exposure to target insects.

Preparation of barrier: Avoid direct contact of Stikem with the bark of trees, first wrap an area of straight trunk with 100 mm wide soft polyester fibre padding, allowing a 20-30mm overlap.  Fasten the padding in place with thumb tacks.  Cover the padding with two or three lightly wrapped layers of polythene film.  (Do not apply the polythene film directly to the bark surface.  Apply strips of Stikem to the polythene film to provide continuous bands around the trunk.

Other uses:

  • Smear Stikem around legs of benches in nurseries to prevent ants accessing potted plant
  • Apply Stikem to yellow sticky traps to catch a range of flying insects.
  • Has been used for Elm Leaf beetle
Download - Stikem MSDS (Material Safety Data sheet)

3 sizes Available
Small - 450g tin
Medium - 3Kg tin
Large - 11Kg tin

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