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Stainless Steel Homewares & Gifts

Stainless Steel Houseware
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Stainless Steel Homewares and Giftsets

For cooks, chefs, Olive and Oil connoisseurs everywhere.

Many chefs in professional kitchens use stainless steel utensils because of their durability and good hygiene.

Modern times have seen Stainless steel utensils become popular in the home kitchen for much the same reason, and the polished finish on these items will make you proud to display them.

It has been recommended to store olive oil in food-grade stainless steel because it is solid and non-porous, making it easy to clean, and limiting the oil's exposure to air and light, which means your olive oil will be kept fresher for longer.

All items sold individually. 
(Prices include delivery within Australia)


Giftbox, includes one of two options: Stainless steel tank, 1L jug or a Stainless steel tank and an Oil & Vinegar Stand 1L stainless steel.jpg
1L Stainless Steel Oil Jug