Spremoliva C30 | Olive Oil Hobby Press Machine

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Machines starting from $23,000 + GST
**NOTE:   Video (is not of a Spremoliva) is of a Frantoino (next model up from the Spremoliva) which is a continuous process.  However the basic principles of crushing, malaxing and separation are similar.

From olive to extra virgin olive oil....

Spremoliva has been designed to satisfy the needs of small sized extra virgin olive oil producers. It is recommended for productions up to 1000 Kgs olives/year.

Operation is very easy: once the olives have been properly cleaned and washed they are poured into the receiving hopper where a screw activated by hand through an handle feeds the crusher that is equipped with fix grate and hollow knife impeller. The paste produced falls into the lower mixer, where an helicoidal shaped stirrer prepares it. A speed change gear send the paste to the decanter where separation takes place: oil from the front and waste mixed with water from the back of the machine. SPREMOLIVA is equipped with a reversing gear to change crushing and extraction speed. It has a discontinuous process around 20-25 Kgs per cycle.

The whole frame is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL and food-grade material.
  • Malaxing Capacity Kg 2 x 20
  • Power Supply kW 2.5 Single Phase
  • Batch Input kg 20 - 25
  • Weight kg 238