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Spremoliva C30 | Olive Oil Hobby Press Machine

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Machines starting from $23,000 + GST (price subject to change)
**NOTE:   Video (is not of a Spremoliva) is of a Frantoino (next model up from the Spremoliva) which is a continuous process.  However the basic principles of crushing, malaxing and separation are similar.

From olive to extra virgin olive oil....  Spremoliva has been designed to satisfy the needs of small-sized extra virgin olive oil producers. It is recommended for productions up to 1000 Kgs olives/year.

Operation is very easy: once the olives have been properly cleaned and washed they are poured into the receiving hopper where a screw activated by hand through a handle feeds the crusher that is equipped with a fixed grate and hollow knife impeller. The paste produced falls into the lower mixer, where a helicoidal shaped stirrer prepares it. A speed change gear sends the paste to the decanter where separation takes place: oil from the front and waste mixed with water from the back of the machine. SPREMOLIVA is equipped with a reversing gear to change crushing and extraction speed. It has a discontinuous process of around 20-25 Kgs per cycle.

The whole frame is made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL and food-grade material.
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  • Malaxing Capacity Kg 2 x 20
  • Power Supply kW 2.5 Single Phase
  • Batch Input kg 20 - 25
  • Weight kg 238
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