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SolarHighpower1.jpgChoose between a centrifugal, with all its complications or the simple life of the Mono Pump. The resilient rubber lasts for ages and you can replace it in minutes at surprisingly low cost.


On cloudy days.... the Solar pump keeps working even in low light.  When it is cloudy the pump will slow down but because it has no minimum speed (unlike a centrifugal pump), it will keep delivering water.

Daily Flow Rates...minute by minute flow is irrelevant to a system that pumps from dawn to dusk. The figures are based on daily average performance of a pump.  Flow will be highest on sunny days when you need the water most.

Weather Resistance... Solar panels are far more cyclone resistant than windmills. During storms a tracking array assumes the angle of least resistance to the wind.  The toughened glass panels are famous for their resistance to hail.

Pump & Panel life...The pumps can last for decades.  It is not yet known how long it takes to wear out solar panels. The first installations from the manufacturer are still going strong over 10 years later and their owners expect many more years of reliable pumping power.

How Mono Solar Pumps work without batteries ...Other solar pump motors need batteries to keep up speed, wasting up to 30% of the electrical energy in the process. Mono Solar Pumps use the same DC (direct current) produced by the panels.  Combine the low-speed pumping power and the electrical  efficiency of the MPPT power maximiser and you have today’s most productive solar pumping system.

Store Energy as Water... The simplest way to store solar energy is to use gravity by pumping water into elevated tanks.

Budgeting for Solar...A solar pumping system costs about the same as an old-fashioned windmill.  And your Mono Solar Powered Pump will quickly pay for itself in savings on diesel, petrol or electricity.

Water Level Protection...Like any electric pump, your solar pump can be controlled with pressure and/or float switches.  A connector on the MPPT control box makes it easy to protect against dry bores or full water storage.  (Except single panel starter kit).


Flows up to 162,000 litres per day (21 panel system)

Heads up to 100m or 330ft.

Rotating pump parts are stainless steel for corrosion-free long life.

MPPT is a micro processor that continuously regulates the voltage form the solar panels, sending the most efficient possible power to your pump whether it is late or early, cloudy or sunny.

The Mono Solar Pumps...

  • Easily installed
  • Tank filling
  • Stock watering
  • Dam water
  • Creek water
  • Shallow wells
  • Sand, Silt Tolerant
  • Easy Priming
  • Long Delivery
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Stainless Steel
  • Reliability

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